Meet the Authors Behind Made it in China

There are two authors behind Made it in China: Simon Cann and Graham Jeal.

Simon CannSimon Cann

Simon Cann is the author of a number of business and music-related books including:

He has also had a behind-the-scenes role in many other publications.

Before turning his attention to full-time writing he spent over 15 years as a management consultant where his clients included global music industry, entertainment, and broadcasting companies, as well as companies in the financial services, aeronautical, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries.

To read more about Simon's books, check out his profile on Amazon. You can also check out his website, for more information about his writing.

Graham JealGraham Jeal

Graham Jeal is a British born entrepreneur who has been working in China since 2001.

In 2002 Graham established Shanghai Vision Ltd, a property investment company which now has over 500 property investors from around the world and over US $200 million of assets under management.

Graham also set up Euro-China Consulting Ltd, a consortium of companies spanning investment, venture capital, international trade, e-commerce, and the construction industry.

In 2007/2008 Graham was the President of the Entrepreneur Organization in China. He is a regular speaker at business forums in China and commentator on subjects involving business in China.

Previously Graham worked for JPMorgan in the City of London, New York, and Hong Kong. Graham lives in Shanghai.