Made it in China

Made it in China

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China is the issue for business in the 21st century. Since the country initiated its market reforms at the end of the 1970s it has made huge strides and now virtually every business around the world, whatever its size and wherever its location, has to include the "China factor" in its business planning.

For businesses outside the country, China appears to present three key opportunities:

The vast majority of businesses that go to China fail, and fail for reasons that they don't ever get to comprehend. It is a brutal market for those who do not understand it and there have been many major global organizations that have had their fingers burned due to their incomplete grasp of the country and its culture.

China is different and proud to be different. For businesses without experience of the country, there are a whole range of new cultural, political, legal, and economic challenges to be faced. There are also many myths that need to be addressed, for instance, the availability of cheap labor: while there is a vast supply of cheap labor, there is a high demand for skilled employees meaning that employees in China can often cost more than in the West.

Who Are the Featured Entrepreneurs?

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What's In the Book?

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Welcome to China: Understanding China

Chapter 1

Manufacturing in China

Paul Stepanek, founder of USActive

Chapter 2

Selling to the Chinese Market: Building a Chinese Sales Army

JC Lim, chairman of AMC China

Chapter 3

Start-Ups in China: Get In, Raise Money, Do Business, Get Out

Richard Robinson, CEO of Kooky Panda

Chapter 4

Negotiating in China: the Great Conjuring Trick

Graham Jeal, CEO of Euro-China Consulting group of companies

Chapter 5

Everybody's Number One Problem: Human Resources

Bob Boyce, Founder & CEO of the Blue Horizon Hospitality Group

Chapter 6

Creativity and Innovation in China

Monte Singman, founder and CEO of Radiance Digital Entertainment

Chapter 7

Chinese Style Risk Management: the Need to Diversify

Scott Barrack developed and now runs SPACE Development

Chapter 8

Updating Chinese Tradition for the 21st Century

Grace Liu, co-founder of Asianera

Chapter 9

Resilience and Persistence

Henry Winter, founder and CEO/Chairman of SmartClub Loyalty Management


Made it in China: the Featured Entrepreneurs

Who Should Read This Book?

If you're in business—or are interested in business—you should read this book irrespective of where you are doing business. However, the book will be of particular interest to business people and students whose interest is:

Beyond manufacturing and hi-tech, there is a lot to be learned from the Chinese way of doing business (for instance, their human resource policies). Made it in China looks at many of the most up-to-date business practices and thinking, and considers how these techniques can be applied throughout the rest of the world.

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